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Parents, register your child today, just click on the Register Here button above, so they can attend  the Good News Club® at Central Baptist Church!

Starts January 6, 2022, Thursday


What is the Good News Club?

The Good News Club is an exciting, fun-filled hour and a half program, held once a week in the sanctuary at Central Baptist Church.  It includes:

  • Dynamic Bible lessons

  • Creative learning activities

  • Inspiring missionary stories

  • Meaningful songs & worship

  • Life-changing Scripture memory


Who teaches the club?

The Good News Club is taught by a team of adult volunteers from Central Baptist Church.  Every volunteer is background screened and equipped to effectively and responsibly lead the various Good News Club activities each week.


Who sponsors the club?

Child Evangelism Fellowship, or CEF®, partners with local churches to sponsor Good News Clubs all around the world.  Central Baptist Church ( is the co-sponsor for the Central Baptist Church GNC. 


What is Child Evangelism Fellowship?

CEF® is an international, Bible-centered organization which has been in existence for 80 years.  CEF’s international ministry shared the Gospel with more than nineteen million children last year.  CEF of Hawaii is the state chapter for CEF and has one vision; that every child on every island can hear the Gospel by the age of twelve.  To help achieve this goal, CEF of Hawaii desires to partner at least one church with every elementary school in the state of Hawaii.


Who can attend?

Good News Club is open to all boys and girls from Kindergarten – 6th grade, regardless of religious background. Children’s parents/guardians must complete a registration form. Parents are welcome to attend the club with their child.


Is there any cost?

There is no charge for your child to attend. 


How will the club benefit your child?

Your child will learn:

  • God’s Word!

  • Traditional Judeo Christian values

  • The importance of sharing the Gospel


Will your child be safe?

CEF has taken specific steps to ensure the safety of your child.  All adults involved with the club have been carefully screened as required by the CEF Child Protection Policy.  (For more information see


For the CEF Statement of Faith see


For more information contact your local CEF director at

See a video about Good News Club at


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